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The company "Ages Communication" won the tender for the work on fabrication of steel structures for OOO "BARTEC Engineering"! ! !

The work on installation - start-up operations 4G-LTE for the company "Beeline"! ! !



The company «Ages Communications"

More than 17 years, the company successfully operating in the telecommunications market of Uzbekistan. The founder and director is
Krivoschekova Galina. During this time, carried out construction and installation of more than 5,000 facilities in Uzbekistan and CIS countries. The main specialization of the company «Ages Communications"-building communication structures turnkey base stations, microwave links, antenna masts, switches, EATE, burglar and fire alarm systems, manufacturing of metal of any complexity, etc. The company carries out all complex of works on existing and newly constructed facilities - from the modernization and reconstruction of infrastructure to installation and integration of equipment from any manufacturer.

Our company has extensive experience in designing and building turnkey construction of base stations for GSM and CDMA networks, telecommunications equipment and successfully applies this experience in the development of new technologies. At this point in the asset kompanii_ part in building networks of 3G, 4G and WiMax.

«AGES Communications» serves as a work of “turn-key” (design, assembly, installation and commissioning of the object) and work on one or more areas (for example, only the installation or installation only), depending on the wishes of the customer. Having our own plant for manufacturing of steel structures allows us to fulfill orders of any complexity.

Main activities:

- Design and construction of cellular base stations;

- Design, manufacture and construction of the antenna-mast structures;

- Design and construction of radio relay lines (RRL);

- Design and construction of trunking systems;

- Design and construction of 3G, 4G cetey;

- Design and construction of networks, WiMax;

- Design and construction of fire-extinguishing systems;

- Design, supply, development and programming systems, computer control, control of industrial production, SMS-alert, PCS, AMR;

- Design and construction of security systems and surveillance;

- Design, construction and operation of power system devices in different versions.

Our basic principles that allow us to remain a successful company - constant development, consistent quality and customer focus. Constantly improving, we fill up a portfolio of services in order to meet the needs of its customers

The company currently has a staff of qualified professionals with extensive experience in participating in the installation and integration of hardware «COSLIGHT», «ELTEK VALERE», «NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS», «ERICSSON», «HUAWEI», «ALCATEL», «ITALTEL» , «AdAstra», «NEC» and others at facilities in Uzbekistan and CIS countries.

More than 90% of employees have higher and secondary technical education. Leading specialists and engineers are certified firms «Huawei», «Eltek Valery», «ERICSSON», «AdAstra Research Group Ltd», «NOKIA», «SIEMENS», «Schneider Electric», «NES», «Cisco» et al . All engineers and installers have the necessary certificates for construction works and installation of telecommunications equipment and launch of electrical work of any complexity.

Design and construction of cellular base stations

OOO «AGES Communications» has extensive experience in the installation of BS. Our experts know how to set the FV for communication without interference, and most importantly - know how to cope with difficulties and non-standard situations.

. In order for the formation of a client order was easier to navigate in terms of issues and understand what it pays, it is necessary in general to think of the stages of construction of the base station and antenna-mast structures. These stages are:

- Inspection of the position;

- Design;

- Challenge of the earth;

- Execution of permits;

- Manufacturing of masts, towers or trubostoek;

- Construction of the foundation;

- Installation of an antenna support;

- Fabrication and installation of container;

- Installation of antenna and feeder equipment;

- Installation and commissioning of RRL flight;

- Installation of base station equipment and the EPA;

- Construction of an external power supply;

- Commissioning;

- Legalization of the object.

More information about each of the stages you tell experts «AGES Communications», if you have any questions.

Design, manufacture and construction of the antenna-mast structures

Design, manufacture of steel, processing and coating, assembly and installation of the antenna-mast structures - all this is done by taking into account the requirements of the customer c, according to the SNP, KMC and SHNK.

The advantage of «AGES Communications» - the ability to offer a wide range of advanced solutions for the main types of steel structures for

telecommunications equipment, is:

- The Tower;

- The masts on the guy;

- Microwave site.

The products manufactured by the company, delivered

standard with the possibility of additional supplies.

- Supporting structures c ladder to lift;

- Structural elements mount antenna, and

power feeders;

- Ladders, the hatches;

- Fixing materials;

- Designs for the protection of the tower;

- Documentation for the assembly (the schema and the specification).

Design and construction of radio relay lines (RRL)

Radio-relay lines (RRL) are used to create channels of communication. To date, RRL is very popular. Suffice it to mention that most of the transport network of any mobile operator is constructed using the RRL.

RRL Design starts with defining the optimal sites for transmission lines. After all, how true is chosen route, depends on the cost of construction and operation of future RRL.

Microwave links are formed from the terminal stations are located between the intermediate stations. The length of the interval RRL from a few hundred meters up to forty or seventy miles. Input and output data is in the terminal stations, while the intermediate stations are repeaters signals. Resistance due to the intervals, as well as the reliability of the equipment and the quality of radio relay stations maintenance - important factors determining the reliability of the RRL as a whole. To meet these requirements during the operation, at an early stage of design it is important to lay a good foundation by selecting the correct site.

In the course of their work «AGES Communications» is constantly faced with the decision of various matters of design and construction of RRL. The number of designed and built by our company spans more than a thousand.

Design and construction of trunking systems

Trunking systems are a form of mobile and used primarily for the construction of communication networks of large enterprises with resources spread out on the ground. It can be both companies with the presence of multiple branches and organizations whose work is directly related to transportation and coordination.

The basic principle of trunking systems is reflected in the title: trunk (born “trunk”) - to unite in a common trunk multiple channels of communication.

«AGES Communications» has successful experience in the construction of modern trunked systems. All of them are designed for standard «TETRA», which suggests the possibility of transmission of not only voice data but also data transmission.

Design and construction of 3G, 4G cetey

Worldwide network of 3G, 4G are becoming more common. Grand opportunities they provide to users, and improved technology have every right to allow mobile phones to call their third generation.

At the present time «AGES Communications» is actively involved in the design and construction of cellular networks 3G, 4G throughout Uzbekistan.

Designing and building WiMax networks

WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) - a technology for providing wireless broadband Internet access. WiMax standard was created to provide universal wireless, long-distance running. This standard gives more freedom to users of a number of devices (mobile phones, laptop computers, work stations, etc.) as well as in the case of use do not need to bind to the sources of the Internet in the conventional sense (no wires, do not need Wi-Fi .)

«AGES Communications» has vast experience in the design and construction of base stations for the construction of GSM networks, so the experts of the company, using the experience, were able to take part in building networks of WiMax, which is similar to the principle of construction.

Designing and building security systems and fire safety

Certified specialists “AGES Communications” will perform the full range of design and installation of:

- Fire Alarm Systems;

- System warning and evacuation;

- Alarm systems;

- Video Surveillance Systems;

- Access control systems.

Our company also manufactures flame retardant “ALADIN” based on exfoliated vermiculite for fire protection and fire treatment.

The principles of “turnkey”

We have extensive experience in construction projects “turn key”, which includes the following stages:

- Search the site for the customer’s specifications, contracts of lease, land acquisition design - Design;

- Ordering and receipt of customer’s equipment, maintenance supplies necessary for the construction and installation - Construction and installation work;

- Execution of a full package of permits (TU and getting permission from the power grid, power company to obtain approval, execution of the contract for the supply of electric power sales, etc.);

- Supervision (electro-measuring test, design acceptance documentation and technical report);

- Integration and alignment of RRL flown - Completion of customer service.

Design and construction of local telecommunication networks

- Construction of all modifications of ATS;

- Construction of Commuting centers

- Construction of uninterruptible power supply equipment for the commutator.

Design, delivery, creation and programming of computer control, control of industrial production, SMS-alert, PCS, AMR

The system is designed for the automation of industrial plants, energy facilities, intelligent buildings,
transportation facilities, energy accounting systems, etc., developed dozens of different class PCS
- The scale of automation systems, can be anything - from stand-alone controller running control
and operators’ workstations (ARM) to geographically distributed control systems, including dozens of controllers and workstations,
communicating using a variety of communications - LAN, Intranet / Internet
serial buses based on the RS-232/485, dedicated and dial-up telephone lines, radio and GSM / GPRS-network.
To date, CP «AGES COMMUNICATIONS» performs installation and commissioning of the system AIISKUE (automated information-measuring systems for commercial accounting of electricity) by the “turn-key” on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the basis of modern electronic metering of electricity.

Delivery, installation, installation of video walls.

The company “AGES Communications” is a partner oftsialnym Belgian company “Barco” - leader in display wall. We are pleased to offer you a wide range of video walls of various configurations.

Video Wall - a team of construction consisting of modules. Under the module will be understood, a full-screen / monitor / display, ie device to display graphical information. Thus, there are different configurations of video walls.

Applications: mobile phone company, railway stations, airports, television, the scope of

Energy, oil and gas, security, conference rooms, etc.


The high quality of products and services company «AGES Communications» supports the long-term relationships with their customers. For many years «AGES Communications» is one of the main contractors leading Uzbek telecom operators «Beeline» (formerly «Unitel»), «Uzbektelecom», «Ucell» (formerly «Coscom»), «MTS».

The high quality of our services is due, among other things, the right choice of partners. During the collective activity of «NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS», «HUAWEI», «ELTEK VALERE» and other trusted partners was formed well-oiled mechanism of collaboration and friendly team, capable of high-level to implement projects of any complexity.

Our basic principles that allow us to remain a successful company, is a continuous development, consistent quality and customer focus. Constantly improving, we fill up a portfolio of services in order to meet the needs of its customers.